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Buy Now Process

Find something to buy

Many chemical products and other related products are published daily on CHETA. You can search for a particular product or just look around for some information.


When you’re looking for something in particular you can use our Search Engine. Just enter a few words to describe the item in the Search box.

Haven’t find what you are looking for, you can refine your search by using the Advanced Search or send free RFQ message to all relevant sellers and ask for quotations. 


Learn more about searching items, and information about RFQ.


Add more products to the shopping cart

You can continue adding products to your shopping cart before checking out.


Checkout your shopping cart

Once you are ready to check out one or more shopping carts, read the products description and preferences carefully to find out which other costs are obligated and payment methods the seller accepts.


Before finishing the checkout process and if you are not logged in, you will be asked to place your user Email and Password, or register if you haven't created an account.


Pay attention that the purchase order will be valid only after the seller will review and approve your request (due to different export/import regulations between countries, local regulations etc.).


Payment and shipment

If other payment option then Paypal was chosen, you and the seller will coordinate the final payment and shipment arrangements using email (each member's details are sent upon submitting an order).


Feedback and Tracking of purchases

Tracking your purchase - is done at Order I Made page on My Account.

Feedback - After purchase is completed (Paid, Shipped and accepted by the buyer) an email will be sent to both buyer and seller with a request for a feedback. In My Account page you can view all feedbacks (received and given).


Most Popular Questions
Do I need to register before I buy? ›
No need to register before buying. During the buying process you will be asked to enter your details. It is also possible to register before buying and to enter your details then.
What do I do if I cannot find the product I am looking for? ›
Use our Request for Quotation form (RFQ form). Please provide as much information as possible in order to receive more suitable quotations.
Is it possible to ask for other quotation then is published at the site? ›
Yes it possible. You can submit a RFQ for all relevant sellers by using the link beside the main search box in Buy Chemical Tab or to send a RFQ to a specific seller by pressing the "Contact the Seller" button in the opened product's search row of the specific seller.
How to place an order? ›
Placing an order is very simple: 1. Find the product you want to buy using the search box. 2. Understand the buying format (Buy Now/ Group Sale / Closeout). 3. Add more products and optimize your shopping cart. 4. Checkout shopping cart 5. Coordinate payment and shipment details with the seller (after submitting the order) 6. Track your purchases in My Account page.
How can I cancel or modify an order or bid I won? ›
By bidding a Closeout or Group Sale or placing a Buy Now order you commit and obligated to purchase the requested products (it is considered a contract). In case you believe that you have valid and honest reasons for not purchasing the product, you should contact the seller and explain your situation. In many cases, sellers are willing to communicate with you honestly and openly to find a solution that will meet everyone's satisfaction. If the seller doesn't respond in the way you hope, keep in mind that failing to purchase an item you've won or ordered may result in a dispute, be recorded as an unpaid item being on your account and your account may be limited or suspended.
How do I contact a seller? ›
In order to contact the seller you can press the "contact the seller" button in every opened product's row of the specific seller. By doing so, the system opens a RFQ form in which you can ask the seller any question, the seller's answer will be shown in your RFQ manager account, and there you will be able to continue chatting while building a Proforma Invoice together with the seller. If you have tried to contact the seller but haven’t received response, you can contact CHETA with a request of the seller's contact details.