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Searching Products

Searching a specific product can take a long time. Learn the searching procedure at CHETA in order to minimize it, to evaluate better the results of your search and to use CHETA's search tools wisely.


To find the right product quickly you can:


1. Perform basic Search:

You can use the free search bar that is loctaed in the Home page and on the top of each product search page at CHETA site. All you have to do is enter key words for your product and submit the search by pressing on Enter key on your keyboard or on the button on the right side of the searching bar.


2. Perform advanced search:

The Advanced search page lets you refine your search in all kinds of different ways.  You can get to the Advanced search page by clicking the Advanced Search link next to the search box at the top of each search results page.


3. Search similar products from other sellers:

Comparing the same product from different seller is always recommendable. In every "product line" you can find a "Search for Similar Products" button, by pressing it, you will receive search results for the same products from other sellers.


4. Send Request For Quotation (RFQ)

If you still can't find what you're looking for, CHETA will find it for you. Use our Request for Quotation Form (RFQ Form) and tell us and all CHETA sellers the products that you need.

The results will be organized for you in your FREE RFQ Manager page. There you can view all sellers' quotations, chat with them and build together a designated Proforma Invoice.


Use CHETA search engine correctly:

  1. Try different search words, but use no more than three words at a time in order to get a variety of results.
  2. For more results, reduce the number of words.
  3. Words like And, Or and Not are considered like any other words. Therefore consider not using them in your search.
  4. Capital letters are considered like small letters. For example: The results for searching "PAINT" are the same results for searching "paint".
  5. Avoid keywords that are too specific (e.g. use "3M coating" instead of "blue 3m coating for cars").
  6. Only search for one product at a time.
  7. Don't include the word "buyer" or "seller" in the search bar (e.g. "coating buyer").